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Xi Jinping: As Risks and Challenges Increase, Be Prepared for Combat Readiness

The military work conference of the Central Military Commission was held in Beijing on Jan 4. At the conference, Xi Jinping emphasized that China is still in an important period of strategic opportunities. As the number of risks and challenges are increasing, the entire army must do a solid job in preparing for combat readiness. In his speech, Xi said that the entire army must properly understand and grasp the general trend of China’s security and development, strengthen the sense of urgency and crisis, do a good job in preparing for a military fight, and resolutely fulfill the missions and tasks that the party and the people have entrusted to it. Xi also pointed out that it is necessary to establish the military strategy in the new era and to improve the capabilities of the combat forces.

Prior to the meeting, Xi signed the first military mobilization order of 2019. During the meeting he presented awards to 10 armed warfare units and 20 armed soldiers.

Source: Central News Agency, January 4, 2019