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The Paper: Xiamen City Carried Out Ideology Campaign among Party Members to Create “Clean and Healthy Political Ecology”

The Paper reported that, in order to create a “clean and healthy political ecology,” Xiamen City of Fujian Province recently carried out a campaign among 70,000 of its party members to rectify the behavior of some of the party members. Some members choose to “believe in ghosts and in god but do not believe in Marxism-Leninism (不信马列信鬼神).” The members were asked to conduct a self-check and take corrective action if they found any violations. All violations are subject to serious investigation and an accountability check. The article stated that this is part of Xiamen City implementing the party’s political tasks which include “promoting party organizations, party members and cadres at all levels of the city to safeguard (Xi Jinping)’s core leadership in a conscious manner, firmly implement the party’s political line, and strictly enforce political discipline and political rules in order to ensure the implementation of major decisions.” So far, the city has conducted questionnaires on 20 violations of political discipline and political rules, including 3 municipal cadres. Meanwhile in 2018, Xiamen City and the local districts organized 31 training programs with 2,630 participants to study the “key messages from the 19th congress and Xi Jinping’s socialist thoughts with Chinese Characteristics in the new era.” This was done so that the members could “grasp the discipline inspection and supervision work in the new era more accurately.”

Source: The Paper, January 5, 2019