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Oriental Daily: Former Taiwan Affairs Office Official Stated Not Much Time Left to Reunify Taiwan

Oriental Daily reported that, in an internal forum, Wang Zaixi, former Deputy Director of the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office, made the following points regarding the Taiwan issue:

The comprehensive powers of the two sides of the Taiwan strait have changed dramatically. Mainland China should have strategic confidence. There are four strategies that it can adopt to handle Taiwan independence: a political split, military deterrence, economic integration, and a diplomatic arrangement.

Wang stated that the Taiwan issue has existed for 67 years. The international convention takes 100 years as a key milestone in determining the authority of an island. "After 100 years, the international tribunal’s decision is not based on who owned the island historically but rather who has effectively controlled the island in the past 100 years." Thus there is not much time left to solve the Taiwan issue. There is no time table for the reunification, but the government should have a sense of urgency.

Source: Oriental Daily, May 22, 2016