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Xinhua: China Hopes the U.S. Will Not Take Sides

Xinhua republished a Global Times’ article on China’s media campaign on the global stage on the issue of the South China Sea.

"As the South Chinese Sea Arbitration decision date is approaching, China’s media campaign to rebut those statements from the Philippines and the U.S. that have muddied the truth has reached its peak."

"Foreign Minister Wan Yi said, ‘On the South China Sea issue, any actions that ignore the basic facts, take the side of their own allies, or that deliberately create political issues will not get support from the people. Rather, they will ruin their own reputations and it will come to a fruitless end.’"

"On the same day, Rashid Alimov, the Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, stated, ‘We strongly oppose interference on this issue from any countries outside the region; we also oppose the internationalization of the issue.’"

"On May 19, a U.S. Newsweek reporter asked Deputy Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin ‘whether China has a red line on the South China Sea issue.’ Liu expressed that ‘our red line is wishing the U.S. does not choose a side, in other words, does not support a so-called ally to oppose China.’"

"Recently, several of China’s Ambassadors started media campaigns overseas. The Ambassador to Great Britain, Liu Xiaoming, published an article in Financial Times and also gave a speech at the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. China’s Ambassador to Maldives, Wang Fukang, published an article in its mainstream media Sun Online. The Ambassador to Romania, Xu Feihong, published an article in a major local newspaper. China’s Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Chang Hua, published an article in Gulf Times."

Source: Xinhua, May 25, 2016