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Chinese Scholar’s Advice on China’s Reform Was Blocked

Wu Jinglian, a well-known Chinese economist, recently gave advice in ten areas of China’s reform. He stated the direction of China’s reform can only be in market-orientation, the rule of law, and democracy, but not anything else. However, the authorities soon took his article down from the Internet.

Wu’s advise included the following:

One, establishing a market-oriented, rule of law society is the only direction for China’s reform; anything besides that will not help China.

Two, to avoid a social crisis, the authorities must truly advance the reform focusing on a market-driven economy, the rule of law, and democracy. It should establish both an inclusive economic system and an inclusive political system. It should transition itself from an authoritative model to a democratic model. This is the only possible way out for China.

Three, the prerequisite for reform is to have real, practical discussions on the theory and practice of the reform.

Four, people must abandon the Soviet ideology which still has a strong imprint on the older generations. Some people use that to oppose reform.

Wu’s other advise included that it is very dangerous to let the government intervene in the market, especially to create some theory to justify that intervention’s legitimacy. Wu also pointed out the areas that lag behind in reform, such as the state-owned economic reform and the government’s administrative function reform. These are related to the political and governmental reform that is missing.

Source:, December 22, 2018