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China Tightened Regulations for Online Short Video Platforms

On January 9, 2019, China Netcasting Services Association (CNSA), a government-led industrial association, issued regulations to cover online short video platforms.

According to The Paper, a mainland news portal, the regulations require the platforms to be proactive in introducing mainstream news media and institutions such as the communist party, the government, and military organizations. The purpose is to open accounts to “improve the supply of positive and quality short video contents.” The content layout is required to focus on promoting the “core values of socialism.”

It also requires that the short video platforms establish a system of editorial responsibility for the contents. All short video and audio broadcasts on the platforms “should be reviewed before broadcasting, including the title of the program, the introductory section, bullet screens, and comments.”

According to the regulation, the platform should “establish a team of auditors with high political quality and professional competence.” The provincial or higher level radio and television administrative authorities should train the auditors and the number of auditors should match the number of short video programs uploaded and streamed. In principle, the number of auditors should be more than one-thousandth of the daily number of new short video and audio broadcasts on the platforms.

Source: Central News Agency, January 9, 2019