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China to Target Foreign Companies for Mislabeling Taiwan and Hong Kong on Their Websites

Following the 2018 incident of pressuring foreign airlines to identify Taiwan and Hong Kong properly as being part of China, China has turned to targeting foreign companies in China who don’t label Taiwan and Hong Kong correctly.

According to an article that Legal Daily published, the Institute of Law of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Internet Development Research Center of Peking University recently jointly published the first “Blue Book of the Internet Rule of Law – the 2018 China Internet Rule of Law Development Report.” In the Blue Book, it stated that among the world’s top 385 companies conducting business operations in China in 2017, 83 of them didn’t properly identify Taiwan and China on their company’s official website. Among them, there were 66 foreign companies misidentifying Taiwan, 53 foreign companies misidentifying Hong Kong, and 45 foreign companies that misidentified Taiwan and Hong Kong. The chief editor of the Blue Book told Legal Daily that the “one China” policy has sufficient basis under international and domestic law. He suggested that China should use existing laws and regulations to dispose relevant violations resolutely. China will impose warnings, fines, and confiscation of illegal income on violators and order them to suspend business until they rectify the situation.

Source: Legal Daily, January 16, 2019