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Global Times: India is Deploying Brahmos Missiles along Its Border with China

Global Times recently reported that the Indian government has approved the Indian Army’s request to acquire around one hundred Brahmos missiles to deploy along the India-China border. The Brahmos missile is a supersonic cruise missile with superior capabilities for diving attacks. It is suitable for the mountainous terrain along the India-China border region. However, its effective cruise range and weight limit its usefulness in actual combat, especially with moving targets. It is obvious this Brahmos deployment plan is yet another fruit of the “balance and confrontation theory” behind the “China Threat” story. The tactical Brahmos missile, along with Russian fighter jets and unmanned surveillance aircraft, only reflect an unnecessary panic mode. The new weapons and the military superiority idea solely add to the antagonism at the border, resulting to a negative impact on the stability of the region.
Source: Global Times, August 21, 2016