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VOA Chinese: Mayor of Quebec City Cancelled Trip to China

Voice of America (VOA) Chinese recently reported that Régis Labeaume, the mayor of Quebec City, cancelled his trip to China originally planned for March. The mayor explained that he cancelled the scheduled trip due to the political tension between China and Canada. The Canadian government recently and repeatedly has issued travel warnings asking travelers to China to use extreme caution. The government warning indicated that travelers may face arbitrary enforcement of local laws and other culture related punishments on issues concerning death penalties and drug dealing. The mayor originally planned to visit Shanghai and Xi’an. Quebec City became a sister city with Xi’an in 2001. Ever since Canada arrested Huawei’s CFO last December based on a U.S. request, the Canada-China relationship has suffered a free fall. China has thus far arrested multiple Canadian citizens travelling or working in China.

Source: VOA Chinese, January 20, 2019