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PLA Major General: Demand that the U.S. reduce and eventually stop arms sales to Taiwan

According to, on January 10, 2010, Major General Luo Yuan, Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese Society of Military Science, told Hong Kong “Ta Kung Pao,” a pro CCP newspaper, that China should at least demand that the U.S. make specific commitments to reduce and eventually stop arms sales to Taiwan by finalizing a timetable and a road map.

If the U.S. ignores China’s demand, Lu Yuan said that China can
1. Interrupt Sino-U.S. military ties and organize official and non-governmental protests; or
2. Apply trade-related sanctions on the related U.S. companies;
3. Take corresponding non-cooperative strategies in the areas where the U.S. needs China’s cooperation and reserve the right to take further actions.

Source:, January 10, 2010