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Facing Fluid Domestic and International Situations, Xi Jinping Spoke about Maintaining Overall Stability

At the opening ceremony of a meeting with provincial leading officials, Chinese president Xi Jinping gave an important speech, which Xinhua News Agency reported on January 21. The report highlighted two key points: improving the ability to prevent and control, with a focus on major risks, and maintaining a stable and healthy economic development.

In his speech, Xi “made a profound analyses and proposed clear requirements” for preventing major risks in politics, ideology, the economy, science and technology, social affairs, the external environment, and party development.

In the political arena, Xi stressed that, in the face of the turbulent international situation; the complex and sensitive surrounding environment; and arduous tasks of reform, development, and stability; one must always maintain a high degree of vigilance.

Xi emphasized that the economic operations are stable but changing. It is necessary to maintain composure and promote China’s economic development in the right direction. It is also necessary to enhance the sense of urgency, plan ahead, and accurately respond to possible problems in the economic field.

In the judgment of the external environment, he said that China’s external environment is complex and severe. It is necessary to coordinate both domestic and international situations, effectively preventing chain reactions emanating from all kinds of risks. He asked to improve the “One Belt, One Road” security system and safeguard sovereignty and security.

Source: Central News Agency, January 21, 2019