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RFA: State Council Ordered to Ban For-Profit Kindergartens

Radio Free Asia reported that the State Council issued a notice on January 22, stating that the state will put more effort into building a public education system for kindergartens and no for-profit kindergarten will be permitted. The notice requires that a comprehensive investigation of all kindergartens be completed before the end of April of 2019.

According to RFA, at present, there are two types of kindergartens in China. The first one includes government sponsored public kindergartens and public college and enterprise affiliated kindergartens. The other type is a private kindergarten. Public kindergartens mainly receive funding from the government or from enterprises. The teachers at the private kindergartens are highly skilled but the admission cost is also higher. They are more popular among middle-class families.

The RFA article quoted comments from people in China regarding a policy change which will allow government subsidized kindergartens gradually to take over the private kindergartens. One person told RFA that the public kindergartner uses the teaching materials that the municipal Department of Education designs. The private kindergartens are special. They make a profit and focus on quality education. They produce their own teaching materials, which have fewer contents involving public brainwashing. If the government transforms kindergartens from private to public, that will make it easier for it to brainwash the kids.

On January 21, the National Bureau of Statistics of China announced that the number of births in 2018 was 15.23 million, a decrease of 2 million from 2017. Some mainland media reported that from 1997 to 2017, the proportion of Chinese public kindergartens dropped from 95 percent to 44 percent.

Source: Radio Free Asia, January 24, 2019