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BBC Chinese: The CCP Faces Nine Challenges to Its Political Security

BBC Chinese recently reported that, entering the year 2019, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is steering into high political risk zones. The article summarized these critical risks using nine points. The top challenge is the reduced economic growth, which is on the borderline of the “tipping point.” The second risk lies in the rapidly expanding gap between the rich and the poor population. The growing and stubborn powerful and special interest groups  present the third challenge. That risk is followed with failing rural villages as well as more and more homeless people in the city. The fifth challenge is a society that is, considering several different standards, highly divided. The sixth challenge is that the Internet brings everyday citizens a new political landscape. Tension among ethnic groups in China is now at a dangerous level, so the seventh risk is now quickly becoming a risk that will split the nation’s unity. On the eighth note, widespread corruption is everywhere and more and more people are losing faith in the ruling party. Finally, China’s geopolitical situation has worsened a lot in the past few years. The international pressure has transformed and affected the domestic political environment. All these risks interact with one another and are forming serious challenges for the administration.

Source: BBC Chinese, January 31, 2019