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Party Members Required to Use App to Study “Xi Jinping Thoughts” and Earn Points

In January, right after the New Year, the Ministry of Publicity initiated use of a web and phone application and now requires that the party’s 90 million members study Xi Jinping’s thoughts. The app uses a point system to track members’ progress. If a member does not have a high enough score, he will be notified and subjected to disciplinary action. The application contains articles and movies for members to read or to watch and they can then answer the question of the week or take a test on a specified topic to earn points. The app awards double points if the members use them in the early morning, during lunch time, or in the evening so that the party members do not take up any working hours to earn the points. The application topped the list of apps that have been downloaded in China recently. There are also sharing articles posted on Baidu which teach strategies to score the highest number of points in shortest time frame.

Source: Central News Agency, February 15, 2019