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Xi Jinping Emphasizes Faith in Marxism

Under the leadership of Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has recently focused on ideology. Not long ago, at the Politburo’s “Democratic Life Meeting,” Politburo members were told to submit a written “performance report.” On February 28, the CCP released, “Opinions on strengthening the political construction of the Party.” On March 1, at the Central Party School’s opening ceremony of the “training session for young and middle-aged cadres, Xi Jinping gave a speech.

Xi said that it is “a big event” to train and select outstanding young cadres, which matters for the destiny of the party, the country, and the nation, as well as for the well-being of the people. The cadres, especially young cadres, must maintain “loyalty to the party, gratitude to the people, an enterprising spirit for their work, and a sense of respect for the law and for discipline.”

Xi added that being politically steadfast cannot be separated from “being firm on theory.” The ideals and beliefs of the Chinese Communists are based on a profound understanding of Marxism. With firm ideals and convictions, the cadres can adhere to the correct political direction. “Once you have set your mind on a faith, you have to believe it throughout your lifetime, otherwise there will be big problems.” He said that the key to measuring whether a cadre has ideals or not depends on “whether he is loyal to the party.” “Leading cadres must be loyal and clean.” “Loyalty is always of the foremost importance.”

Source: Central News Agency, March 1, 2019