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CAS Antibiotic Pollution Map Revealed Concerning Facts

Well-known Chinese news site Sohu reported that a recent Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) study released a Chinese Antibiotic Pollution Map. The map revealed dangerous facts about the results of the industrialization of livestock farming. According to the study, tens of thousands of tons of antibiotics have entered the human population as well as the water and soil ecosystem in China. The pollution has covered the entire regular food chain including chicken, duck, pork, beef, and fish. From normal adults to new born babies, researchers discovered a wide range of antibiotics in their bodies, even if the individual was not taking any medicine at the time. This has resulted in widespread drug resistance issues across China. Illegal use of antibiotics across the industries of biotechnology, feed products, medicine manufacturing, and farming have developed the full cycle to deliver a large amount of antibiotics through the human digest system and the natural environment, such as rivers and even seas. Doctors have fewer and fewer options when treating diseases.

Source: Sohu, February 16, 2019