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Nanjing Military District Accelerates 5G Pilot Application in Military-Civilian Integration

On February 26, 2018, Nanjing Military District Commander Li Bin visited Unicom (Jiangsu) to learn about the application results of Unicom (Jiangsu) in new technologies and new fields such as big data, cloud computing and the Internet of Things. Li Bin had exchanges on how to promote the application of 5G technology in military-civilian integration.

Commander Li Bin said that 5G will not only change society but will also shape future wars. The widespread application of new combat warfare such as unmanned reconnaissance, unmanned vehicles, and autonomous combat will rely on the 5G ultra-high-speed information transmission. Both the military and local civilians should implement the concept of the integration of military and civilian development; they should strengthen cooperation in the areas of mobilization, construction of new quality militia, dynamic management of the militia, and mobilization of auxiliary decision-making zones; and they should actively explore the in-depth use of information technology in the field of national defense mobilization.

Source:, February 27, 2019