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CBIRC: China Faces High Financial Risks

Wang Zhaoxing, Vice Chairman of the China Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) spoke recently about financial risks. Wang said that, to prevent and resolve financial risks, it is necessary to be ready for a good fight as well as to be prepared for a protracted war. He indicated that China should always focus on the following five major risk areas.

First, China should continue to increase its efforts to dispose of the non-performing assets of banking institutions and, at the same time, to control the growth of new non-performing loans.

Second, China should beware of the liquidity risks of small and medium-sized bank insurance institutions during economic downturns and financial market fluctuations.

Third, China should continue to watch out for shadow banking activities such as regulatory arbitrage, “passageway business,” and increased leveraging that includes inter-bank investments, interbank financial management, entrusted loans, and “passageway trust loans.”

Fourth, China should continue to focus on real estate financial risks and implement prudent lending standards for real estate development loans and personal mortgage loans. In particular, it should impose strict control over speculative real estate development and personal loans, and prevent major problems related to real estate financial risks.

Fifth, China should continue to coordinate among other government departments in the disposal of local government debts, especially the disposal of hidden debts of local governments.

Source: The State Council Information Office, February 25, 2019