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Where Will Obama Lead the American Military to?

Xinhua published an analytical article speculating the policy changes when Obama swears to the office. The article includes three sections: 1) U.S. defense budget will continue to increase; 2) Withdraw from Iraq and increase military in Afghanistan; 3) Military strategy of moving toward East will not Change. In the third section, the article says, “During Bush administration, U.S. emphasizes to move the military Eastwards, adjust military presence in Korea and Japan, enhance military force in the Territory of Guam, actively working on the military base in Central Asian countries. American’s such strategy has the deep meaning of “working on” China. The article continues: “From Obama’s public statements during election, he does not have strong words on China. But he also said that China is neither enemy nor friend, but a competing opponent. This reflected his view on China.” The article concludes, “In reality, the ‘China Threat’ in U.S. has deep political background, the situation will not change as the national leaders change. It can be predicted that once Obama takes the office, he will possibly make no changes in the aspect of militarily encircling China. U.S. military will continue to have actions in Asian pacific area.”

Source: Xinhua, November 12, 2008