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Global Times: South Korea Suffered Worst Smog in History

Global Times recently reported that, for the past few weeks, South Korea’s capital region has been suffering from the “worst smog in history.” On March 6, South Korean President Moon Jae-in asked his relevant government departments to get in touch with the Chinese government immediately for an emergency discussion on a response plan. The talk aims to minimize the impact of the smog from China, such as establishing a joint smog early alarm system. In addition, all three South Korean major political parties had an emergency meeting and decided to legalize the fact that smog is a national disaster. The spokesperson from the Chinese Ministry of Foreign affairs commented that it is uncertain whether the smog originated from China or not. It is important to take a scientific approach to determine the cause of the smog. However, China is happy to cooperate with South Korea on that effort.

Source: Global Times, March 7, 2019