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Loyalty to the Party is Required for Senior Military Officers

With approval from its chairman, Hu Jintao, the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Military Commission recently issued “The Order on Further Strengthening the Leadership Behavior for Senior and Mid-Level Military Officers.” The order requires that the senior and mid-level military officers have firm belief in the Communist Party and remain clearheaded politically. It states that the overall requirements are: insisting that the Communist Party manage itself; manage the party strictly; focus on the capability development and advancement of the Party organization in the military; greatly promote the core values of contemporary revolutionary soldiers: "loyalty to the party, love for the people, service to the country and devotion to the mission and upholding honor;” emphasize on improving the leaderships’ party nature (primarily loyal to the party and following party’s direction) and establishing and maintaining fine style of work; and start from strictly executing and maintaining the Party’s discipline and formalizing and executing procedures.

Source: China News, May 17, 2009