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RFA: Nine Colleges of “Red DNA” Form a University Alliance

Recently, China reestablished an alliance of nine colleges, called the “Yanhe University Talent Training Alliance,” in order to inherit and perpetuate the Yan’an red DNA {a generic name for Communism}. It refers to the Yan’an period of Chinese communism’s education concept (1936-1949) when the party set up nine universities and training institutions for the next generation of Chinese officials and leaders. Therefore, it is called the “red DNA college.”

The Beijing Institute of Technology first initiated the concept of the “Yanhe Alliance.” In addition to the Beijing Institute of Technology, the other eight Chinese universities joining the alliance are Renmin University of China, China Agricultural University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, the Central Conservatory of Music, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Central Academy of Drama, the Central University for Nationalities, and Yan’an University.

A report stated that the nine colleges and universities had spread the fire of the Chinese revolution to the whole country. Today, they gathered together again to reestablish the alliance, to continue the “Yanhe Soul,” to promote the “red heart knot,” {and to carry on the work of “nurturing the next generation.}”

Beijing’s independent scholar Cha Jianguo said on Tuesday (the 19th) in an interview with Radio Free Asia, that the nine universities in the alliance were established in Yan’an, Shaanxi Province: “They want to inherit the red DNA. Now the Chinese Communist Party has fully indoctrinated the mainland. The education system has been indoctrinated, strengthening the party’s leadership, with everything revolving around the party’s tasks. This is part of the party’s national indoctrination. These nine schools may have to take the lead.”

Source: Radio Free Asia, March 19, 2019