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Epoch Times: Chengdu Middle School Staged Press Conference to Cover up School Cafeteria Scandal

Epoch Times reported on a recent disclosure that the cafeteria at the Seventh Middle School in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, served moldy and rotten food to the students, causing many students to feel sick. Some even had severe bleeding when they had a bowel movement. The school denied the allegation. The Police blocked any parents who went to the school to appeal and kept them from entering the school. On the day prior to the joint investigation team press conference the school was to hold, a photo showed that 30 buses carrying police were sitting on Phoenix North Street outside of the school. Another video showed that on the day of the press conference, the school only let those who pretended to be the parents into the conference while the real parents were blocked from entering the conference. During the conference, the school officials announced that the photos of the moldy and rotten food posted on the social media were fabricated. Three parents who were accused of “spreading rumors” were arrested. Meanwhile the board members of the middle school fired the principal of the school. The official website of Chengdu Municipal posted a number of photos on the school’s Weibo account showing the students “happily returned back to school and resumed their normal classes.” People posted comments below the picture saying the school officials staged the photos and they should feel ashamed.

The Epoch Times article also reported that a video that the parents uploaded showed that the police blocked a parent from leaving home to take her sick child to the hospital. Another parent said she was not allowed to go to the hospital of her choice and could only go to the hospital that the school had designated. Some parents contacted nearby private schools hoping to transfer their children there, but they were told no. They suspected that the authorities had already exerted pressure on those private schools.

Source: Epoch Times, March 17, 2019