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South Korean Military Networks Attacked 95,000 Times This Year

The Global Times under Xinhua reported that a South Korean Defense Security Command release stated that military computer networks had been attacked over 95,000 times this year, a 20% increase over the same period last year. The attacks fell into the following categories: Hacking 10,450 times, spreading a virus 81,700 times, denial of service attacks 950 times, and web page tampering 1,900 times. The South Korean Defense Security Command indicated that the analysis showed that 89% of the attacks were directed at the servers and homepage of military websites and 11% were attempts to steal military intelligence, thus posing a serious threat. South Korean Yonhap News reported that most attacks originated from China and North Korea. Government defense think tanks believe that South Korea’s "Chinese hacker" speculation is a replica or another version of the "China threat theory," reflecting a "cold war mentality."

Source: Global Times, June 16, 2009