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Philippine Foreign Minister Visits China and Praises the Communist Party’s One-Party Rule

In Beijing on Wednesday, March 20, visiting Philippine Foreign Minister Teodoro Locsin Jr. had a meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs website then published an article that quoted Locsin’s words stated when he was at that meeting. Locsin said that not a single country like China has brought hope to the world and that China’s unique institutional advantages and one-party rule have enabled China to bring about development achievements that other countries have not matched. The leadership of the Chinese Communist Party has played an irreplaceable role. Historically, Western countries have oppressed developing countries through colonialism and imperialism. China’s “One Belt, One Road” initiative, while realizing its own development, has brought about the mutual prosperity of other countries.

After taking office in 2016, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has consistently criticized Western countries, especially the United States, for interfering with his bloody anti-drug campaign. The Philippine government accuses Western countries of attaching conditions when providing aid, such as demanding respect for human rights, while China does not attach any human rights conditions.

Website of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, March 20, 2019