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CCTV: US Hegemony Leads to Nuclear Proliferation

CCTV recently broadcast a program in which military theorist and commentator Zhang Zhaozhong discussed the US nuclear proliferation prevention strategy. Zhang is a professor at the National Defense University’s Military Logistics and Technical Equipment Department.

Zhang said the current US strategy is too passive and is just chasing incidents one after another. If the US stops its hegemonic practices on smaller countries that have developed a few nuclear warheads to safeguard themselves, they will feel much safer and will halt their nuclear plans. He suggested that a few nuclear warheads should not be considered a “threat” compared to the tens of thousands owned by the US. The US should respect smaller countries and base relationships on equality, so that these countries will have a better political attitude and won’t be forced into developing nuclear plans.

Source: Boxun, July 10, 2009.