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Swedish Defense Research Agency Suspects Beijing of Cyber Espionage Activities

Analysts at the Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI) believe that the Chinese government is conducting cyber espionage that targets Sweden as a means of gaining an economic advantage.

The analyst Johan Englund, who wrote the FOI report published on March 21, stated, “What I have found is that cyber espionage is one of several methods that China uses to achieve its strategic objectives. There are legal methods such as corporate acquisitions, research collaborations, and hiring foreign experts, but there is also illegal cyber espionage.”

According to the report, which is based only on open source research, Sweden’s open and innovative economy, as well as its advanced manufacturing sector, leave Sweden particularly exposed to cyber espionage activities from China.

The Swedish security police earlier warned that the activities of Chinese intelligence agencies in Sweden are one of the main threats to its national security.

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