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China to Censor TV Programs for Kids

China’s National Radio and Television Administration (NRFT) recently issued the “Regulations on Programs for Minors.” The regulations emphasized that the state supports and encourages the production of programs that “promote socialist core values” and “revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture.”

The “Regulations” then also included a universal term that minors’ programs must not contain “contents that display violence, blood, terror, and abetting crimes or imparting criminal methods; nor should they contain sexual topics and graphical pictures other than health education.”

NRFT, the state censor, also emphasized that minors’ programs must not contain contents that “distort national history or national historical figures, or that distort, vilify, defame, or deny the deeds and spirit of heroic martyrs.” Nor should they “proclaim, beautify, or worship the countries, events, and characters that launched the war of aggression against China or carried out colonial rule.”

China’s leader Xi Jinping said at a “School Ideological and Political Theory Class Teacher Symposium” on March 18th that, in order to train the next generation that loves the party and loves socialist ideology, one must “start with the schools and start with babies.”

Radio Free Asia quoted from a Chinese student who is pursuing a doctor’s degree in the United States, “In fact, the trend began a long time ago. Kindergarten kids in China have to learn from Xi Jinping’s theory of ‘socialism with Chinese characteristics.’ The Chinese government is comprehensively revising the Chinese language and history textbooks so that they conform to the Communist Party’s political ideology. In the future, the nationwide language and history textbooks will be under the unified control of the government.”

Source: Radio Free Asia, April 3, 2019