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Danish Parliamentarians Held a Seminar to Reveal Communist China’s Infiltration in Denmark

In recent years, the government of Denmark has been rejecting Communist China’s infiltration. The government even apologized to the people who had been blocked from protesting against the Chinese officials in Denmark and refused China’s planned construction of an airport in Greenland. Denmark Telecom (TDC) finally chose to cooperate with Ericsson not Huawei. The Epoch Times reported that, on April 4th, Danish parliamentarians hosted a seminar that was held in the National Assembly. The conference was called, “Denmark and China’s Strategic Cooperation Seminar.” The host was Senator Kenneth Kristensen Berth, who hopes that the seminar will allow more Danish scholars, experts, and media people to pay attention to Communist China’s infiltration of Denmark.

During the seminar, two incidents were revealed which demonstrated China’s attempt to threaten Denmark. Søren Espersen, Vice President of the Danish People’s Party and President of the Foreign Affairs Committee shared about the first one. About one year ago, just before the Danish Foreign Affairs Committee was about to visit Beijing, somehow China learned that the Prime Minister of the Tibetan government in exile was going to visit the Danish Parliament and hoped to meet with the Danish National Assembly President Pia Kjærsgaard. Later, when Committee were having a meeting with a Chinese official, they received a harsh verbal warning from a high level party official that Assembly President Pia Kjærsgaard must refuse the visit from the Prime Minister of the Tibetan government in exile. After the committee returned back to Denmark, one day, the administrator of the Foreign Policy Committee even received an angry call from the Chinese Embassy accusing Søren Espersen of meeting with the Prime Minister of the Tibetan government in exile.

Thomas Fought, a Danish radio station 24/7 (Radio 24syv) investigative reporter who participated in the seminar as a guest, revealed the second case.  He said that, during the investigation of an incident in which Chinese tourists made a claim of mistreatment by Swedish police in 2018, he found that Communist China had been manipulating everything behind the scenes. He then made a radio series “Kina I Kulissen” and received the “Kristian Dahls Mindelegat” award from the Danish Media Federation in 2019. According to Fought, when he was looking at a large amount of information in the investigation of the Communist China’s interference in Shen Yun’s performance in Denmark, he came across one unnoticed piece of evidence. He said, “I found an internal email from the Royal Theatre, which read, ‘In order to comply with the rules of Denmark, I must point out that I met with the cultural department of the Chinese (Communist China) Embassy in August 2017 because they were considering renting the theatre for the Chinese New Year event to be held in February 2018. At the end of the meeting, they wanted to know if we had been communicating with Shen Yun and instructed us not to allow them (Shen Yun) to rent our facilities.'” Fuoght said that many people in Denmark have always believed that there was no evidence that Communist China had suppressed Denmark, but this was the evidence of that suppression.

Source: The Epoch Times, April 6, 2019