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Apple Daily: The Muslim Countries Stopped Criticizing China

Major Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily recently reported that, under Beijing’s pressure, the Muslim countries have stopped criticizing China. The article questioned, “Who is there to help Xinjiang?” The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, with 57 member countries was, not long ago, still airing their concerns about the human rights conditions of Xinjiang Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities. However, that position has changed since last month. The Foreign Ministers Council passed a resolution in March praising China’s efforts to help its Muslim citizens. The resolution further expressed its expectation to deepen cooperation with China in the future. The change of position resulted in unhappiness among human rights groups. The Pakistani Prime Minister even said he was unclear about the Muslim situation in China. It appears China is mounting a lot of pressure on Islamic countries. Many of the members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation are involved in China’s One Belt One Road plan.

Source: Apple Daily, April 7, 2019