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“Vanguard û 2009A” Military Maneuver û PLA Explores Precise Operations in Combat

Xinhua reported on October 21 that "Vanguard – 2009A," a joint fire military maneuver of ground and air forces, entered the combat deployment phase on October 21, 2009. Hu Xiubin, the chief director of the exercise and an army Major General from the Jinan Military Region, introduced precise operations in combat.

  1. Precise Reconnaissance: Obtain complete intelligence information using the means of satellite reconnaissance, aerial photography, unmanned aerial vehicles, battlefield television and close-up observation on the ground.
  2. Precise Command: Quantify and calculate groupings of combat forces, actions of teams, consumption of ammunition, amount of damage and injuries.
  3. Precise Strike: Use precision-guided weapons, and ammunition.
  4. Precise Assessment: Use technological means to do combat calculations and simulations.
  5. Precise Support: Make scientific predictions on ammunition consumption, fuel supplements, transportation needs, casualties and equipment damage.

Source: Xinhua, October 21, 2009