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China News Net Report on “Vanguard û 2009A” Military Maneuver

According to China News Net, on October 20, 2009, a joint fire military maneuver of ground and air forces called "Vanguard – 2009A" will be carried out on a tactical training base in the Jinan Military Command. Over 150 foreign military students from more than 70 countries and some military observers from the United Kingdom, Israel, Turkey, and other countries, will be on site watching. Hu Xiubin, the chief director of the exercise and an army Major General for the Jinan Military Region, said that the characteristics highlighted in this maneuver will be “Joint Operations” and “Precise Operations” in combat, which reflect the ideas of joint operations and winnings using the conditions of information technologies.

Eleven military branches from both the army and air forces, armed with over 50 kinds of equipment, will participate in the military maneuver.

Source: China News Net, October 20, 2009