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Mainland General Proposes Cross-Strait Joint Defense of South China Sea; Excludes U.S. and Japan

On September 14 in Taipei, the state media Huanqiu, the Chinese version of Global Times, reported that a retired lieutenant general from China supported a Mainland-Taiwan joint military defense of the South China Sea.

Li Jijun is a former Vice President of the Academy of Military Science, China’s highest government military research agency. He also once worked as the Director of the General Office of the Central Military Commission of the CCP, the country’s highest military command office. He is currently on a trip to Taiwan, together with Zheng Bijian, a former Vice President of the Central Party School of the CCP and a heavyweight government adviser.

Regarding the Mainland’s missile deployment, Li reemphasized that the missiles are targeting “Taiwan Independence” and foreign intervention. On the regional roles played by the U.S. and Japan in Taiwan, Li pointed out, “(We) don’t allow the U.S., Japan, or any third country to intervene in any link in the cross-strait mutual trust mechanism of military and security forces. … If the U.S. insists on getting involved, let’s wait and see!"

Source: Huanqiu, November 15, 2009