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Study Times on Army War Doctrine Change

Study Times, a weekly newspaper published by the Party School of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), published an article on how to develop diversified mechanized infantries:

Develop new battle theories based on different battlefields: 1. Battle inside City. The army is shifting its focus from traditional mountain/hilly ground to the city as it believes that cities will be the main battle ground in the future wars. 2. Shore Landing. 3. Airborne. 4. Battle in hilly ground.

Diversify mechanized infantries: 1. Heavy mechanized infantry. 2. Light mechanized infantry. 3. Amphibious mechanized infantry. 4. Airborne mechanized infantry.

Advance equipment: 1. Wheel-based equipment (for battles inside cities). 2. Airborne equipment. 3. Digitalized (IT-based) equipment.

Improve Training: 1. Develop training base for mechanized infantry soldiers (the current training bases are designed for tank crews). 2. Develop multi-purpose training centers. 3. Adopt more simulations.

Source: Study Times, October 26, 2009