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State Media: Western Assessment of China’s Air Force Is Distorted

State media, Globe Magazine, recently commented that the West has distorted assessments of China’s Air Force. While mainstream media tend to be the reviewers in the West, “the true assessment comes primarily from governments, military, and think tanks in the West.” Such an assessment is affected by various factors, mostly politics. “More often than not, the interpretation or assessment of China’s Air Force by Western countries is not based on an objective position, but rather serves their own political or strategic objectives.” The "China’s Air Force threat theory” is driven by economic interests as well as attempts to cause a deterioration of relations between China and neighboring countries and damage China’s image. [1]

The article also tried to ease concern in the West over Air Force commander Xu Qiliang’s claim that China should develop space weapons [2]. It said Xu’s statement was misinterpreted.

[1] Xinhua, December 1, 2009
[2] Chinascope, November 5, 009