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Global Times: Attempting to “Unhook” from China Is Just U.S. Wishful Thinking

Global Times recently published an official commentary, establishing a position on the recent wave of U.S. institutes that have driven Chinese scholars away. After over 200 Chinese social science scholars were refused visas or other means of blockage, The National Institutes of Health (NIH) mounted a new round of eliminating Chinese scholars from its network. It appears the U.S. is serious about implementing an “unhook” strategy as rumored. Even an improved trade relationship may not halt the U.S. plan to slow down China’s technology developments. It seems the world leader is losing its confidence in competition. The childish thought of “let’s close the doors” looks more like neuroticism. How could Washington even believe reducing a few Chinese in attendance at technical forums or getting a few less Chinese students could stop China’s improvements? This is just largely a wishful-thinking sleeping pill that the U.S. policy makers prescribed for themselves. This self-isolation policy can only push the opportunities to other advanced countries. The U.S. de-globalization logic won’t be sustained for long. China should just ignore these strange U.S. behaviors and move on.

Source: Global Times, April 20, 2019