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The CCP’s “Culture War” (Video)

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been implementing a “Culture Going Global” strategy targeting the U.S. and the rest of the world. Chinascope created this video: “The CCP’s ‘Culture War’” as an introduction to this issue.

To control the world, the CCP has been working on its geopolitical expansion with its Belt and Road Initiative, to unify many countries into one political-economic community, led by the CCP’s “China Model.” In the CCP’s term, this is to build the “Community of the Shared Future for Mankind.”

Culture is one field that the CCP has picked for such an endeaver. The CCP intends to build up its soft power and ideological and political control over the world via cultural dominance. It has carried on its cultural invasion in the U.S., other Western countries, and the rest of the world, in a clandestine manner, for many years.

Chinascope has published an analysis article “Communist China’s Cultural Invasion of the World” {1} on the CCP’s “Culture Going Global” strategy.

This video, “The CCP’s ‘Culture War,’” will help people see the CCP’s global expansion and its cultural infiltration of the world.

{1} Chinascope, “Communist China’s Cultural Invasion of the World,” April 15, 2019.