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Netherlands Telecom Giant KPN Decided Not to Use Huawei 5G Equipment

Well-known Chinese news site Sina recently reported that the Netherlands’ largest telecommunications company, Royal KPN NV, announced recently that it will select a European supplier for its core 5G mobile network. KPN is one of the first set of companies that officially stated it would exclude Huawei for 5G. The United States is the one pushing for banning Huawei among its allies, citing national security concerns. Huawei denied any possibility of spying on customers because of Chinese government pressure. KPN explained that the decision of not choosing Huawei was based on the need to protect critical national infrastructure and the potential future impact it might have on the Netherlands policies. The government of the Netherlands has not made an official decision yet. However, the government formed a working group with KPN and other telecommunications companies to coordinate the risk management aspects of building the nation’s 5G infrastructure. In the past decade, Huawei has been one of KPN’s primary suppliers.

Source: Sina, April 26, 2019