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China’s Ministry of Education to Strengthen the Training of Ideology and Politics Teachers

As the Chinese regime continues to focus on the ideological work of students and of the young generation, the Chinese Ministry of Education has recently issued a document to strengthen the training of those who teach ideology and politics in colleges and universities. It even set the goal of creating dozens of “influential ideology and politics master teachers.”

The Xinhua News Agency reported that the document is titled, “The 2019 to 2023 Training Program for Teachers of Ideological and Political Theory Courses in Colleges and Universities.” The program proposes to build a strong team of teachers of ideology and politics using a number of channels, such as rotational theoretical training sessions, demonstration programs, specially funded projects, propaganda, and promotions. This plan clearly states that it is necessary “to train and create dozens of master teachers of ideology and politics who have extensive nationwide influence, hundreds of leaders with talent in teaching ideology and politics, and tens of thousands of outstanding teaching staff in the field.”

In addition, the Ministry of Education will also cooperate with other government authorities to set up a number of “research bases for college and university teachers of ideology and politics in the new era” in the infrastructure sector, such as high-speed rail, bridges, and ports, as well as the scientific and technological sectors, such as space and deep sea exploration. Within the next five years, ideology and politics teachers in all colleges and universities may be required to attend sessions in these bases.

Source: Central News Agency, May 6, 2019