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Xi Jinping’s National Public Security Conference

A Radio France International article commented on the national public security (police) conference that was held in Beijing on May 7th and 8th. “This was actually a very rare meeting. Not only was it the first time that Xi Jinping, as the head of Chinese Communist Party (CCP). called for such as meeting, but it was also the first time in 16 years for senior CCP officials to hold such a meeting. The timing was the moment when the Sino – US (trade) negotiations were on the brink of breaking down.”

“At the beginning of the year at a study session of the first secretaries of the provincial CCP committees, Xi Jinping delivered a speech on the prevention of major risks. He used the ‘black swan’ and ‘gray rhinoceros’ as a metaphor to warn of unforeseen events that may occur in China. Later, in his interpretation of Xi Jinping’s speech, Wang Huning, a member of the Politburo Standing Committee, issued serious warnings about preventing the worse-case scenario.”

“The public security (police) organs have always been the most powerful dictatorship tools for the CCP on the issue of how to prevent major risks. This may be an important consideration for Xi Jinping to have convened the 21st National Public Security Work Conference in China, especially at the critical juncture of Sino-US trade negotiations. Either a successful or an unsuccessful negotiation could trigger unexpected incidents.”

“Why did Xi Jinping choose to hold a public security conference at this point in time? In addition to the Sino-US trade war, some analysts believe it may have something to do with many ‘risky’ anniversaries this year. In the Internet era, a situation could occur unexpectedly and news could spread rapidly. Being is in a state of high nervousness; the authorities may be concerned about danger developing after even the slightest incident.”

Source: Radio France International, May 10, 2019×8.T