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China Times: Top Ten Mainland Export Categories Impacted by the New Tariffs

Major Taiwanese newspaper China Times recently published an article with an analysis of the Mainland China export categories that would be most impacted by the newly raised tariff rate (from 10 percent to 25 percent). The estimates were based on the ITC (United States International Trade Commission) 2018 statistics. The top ten categories (in terms of export value) are: electronic communications equipment (US$19.1 billion), computer circuit boards (US$12.5 billion), processing components (US$5.6 billion), metal furniture (except chairs, US$4.1 billion), computer parts (US$3.1 billion), wooden furniture (US$2.9 billion), static converters (US$2.7 billion), plastic flooring (US$2.5 billion), wooden framed seats (US$2.5 billion), and auto parts (US$2.3 billion). In the meantime, undisclosed sources expressed the belief that the Chinese counter-tariffs will most likely include US exports in the following categories: chemical products, agricultural products, whisky, and soybeans. The Trump administration has already started the preparations for the additional tariffs against the rest of all Chinese goods.

Source: China Times, May 10, 2019