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Epoch Times: Huawei Has “Backdoor” into Dutch Telecoms Network

Epoch Times reported that the Dutch media recently revealed that mainland telecom giant Huawei has a “backdoor” into the network of a major Dutch telecommunications company, possibly in order to obtain customer information. According to a report the Dutch De Volkskrant published on the 16th, the Dutch intelligence and security agency AIVD is investigating whether China is conducting espionage. At the beginning of April, AIVD named China and Russia, warning the Dutch not to rely on the hardware and software equipment made by these two countries. It pointed out that China and Russia have adopted an aggressive network strategy against the Netherlands, jeopardizing the interests of the Netherlands.

According to Epoch Times, this is not the first time that Huawei was accused of installing a “backdoor” on its devices. At the end of April this year, Bloomberg broke the news that Vodafone, the world’s second-largest mobile operator, admitted that, a few years ago, it had discovered that the equipment supplied by Huawei to Vodafone’s Italian business had a backdoor. On March 29, the US technology website Lightreading reported that Microsoft engineers found the “backdoor” on Huawei laptops through the installed “Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection” used in Windows 10. On December 11, 2018, Fuji TV Japan quoted officials from the Japanese Liberal Democratic Party as saying that after disassembling Huawei equipment, the Japanese government discovered that there were “unnecessary parts” in the hardware. In 2017, a person who claimed to be an internal employee of Huawei disclosed in the social media that Huawei’s mobile phones and computers are equipped with spying software. In September 2015, the famous hacker media “The Hacker News” reported that G-Data, a security company from Germany, found that 26 Chinese-made smartphones, including Huawei, had pre-installed spyware in their firmware. In addition, Huawei is accused of having close ties with the Chinese authorities. It has actively participated in projects such as the Golden Shield Project and is the backbone enterprise for China’s Internet censorship and its national security monitoring system.

Source: Epoch Times, May 16, 2019