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Chinese Communist Party Membership Suspended for Staying Overseas over Five Years

The Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party recently issued the new “Regulations on the Education and Management of Party Members of the Chinese Communist Party.” The Regulations consist of 10 chapters and 46 articles. They provide details on the basic tasks of party members, the main methods for daily management, the management of party membership and party organizations, as well as the supervision and discipline of party members.

It is worth noting that, in chapter 5, which is about the management of party membership and party organizations, the regulations stipulate that party members who have not returned to China due to long-term settlement abroad or studying abroad for more than five years are generally suspended from party membership.

In addition, in chapter 8, which is about information-based party member education and management, article 38 states that party organizations should educate and guide party members to discipline their online behavior. The party members should fight against erroneous cyber opinions and must not produce, publish, or disseminate information that violates the party’s disciplinary regulations and state laws and regulations.

Source: Central News Agency, May 22, 2019