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Xinhua Critical of the Book China Dream

Xinhua’s International Herald Leader stated that China’s hawks should be nonviolent, rational, responsible and not "savagely combative." "Whose dream is this China’s dream? Is it the dream and pursuit of the Chinese people? The Chinese people dreams for a powerful China but do not necessary have the aspiration to become the No. 1 military power and eventually dominate the world. The book may sell well but lacks professionalism. As known to all, the No. 1 military power in the world is the United States, with its largest inventory of nuclear weapons. Whatever nuclear weapons China possesses is nothing compared to the United States. To become No. 1 means to surpass the United States and produce more nuclear weapons. Is this what China should do?" "Irresponsible remarks may sometimes be manipulated, leading to devastating consequences." "Any clear-cut expressions should not ignore the complexity of reality. Nor should they disregard the national image in the international community and our national long term interests." 

Source: International Herald Leader, March 15, 2010