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CNA: The Pope Chases the China Dream; What about the Underground Churches?

Primary Taiwanese news agency CNA (The Central News Agency) recently reported that, in a press interview, the Pope again brought up the China Dream, without mentioning the struggling Mainland underground churches that the communist government is suppressing. He explained that the China-Vatican agreement “has no issue” and the opposition is minor. This was a strong blow to the feelings of the Mainland underground church members, since the Pope always used to mention their sacrifice while discussing the need to have a dialogue with the Chinese government. The Pope changed his tone this time by saying the agreement is supported by “all” Chinese believers. He indicated that only a few underground church leaders opposed the agreement, feeling excluded from the decision-making. However, these were the people who had been jailed for decades for safeguarding their belief. The Pope’s dismissal of the “minority” is more of a political angle rather than a soul-saving angle. The Chinese communists are sill, today, demolishing legal churches, removing crosses, and deleting words like “Bible” and “God” from textbooks.

Source: CNA, May 29, 2019