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Xinhua: Whoever Advocates Giving in to the U.S. in the Trade War Is a Rat Who All Should Chase

On June 9, 2019, Xinhua published a commentary on the  U.S.-china trade issues titled, “Let Everyone Chase the ‘Surrender Theory’ As If It Were a Rat Running across the Street.”

The commentary began with a reiteration of the Communist Party’s official position. “The attitude of the Chinese side has always been clear: not willing to fight, not afraid to fight, have to fight if necessary. In this regard, the vast majority of Chinese people are very firm on this position and are united as one in solidarity. However, a small number of people have developed ‘PF chondrosis,’ lost their national integrity, and have widely advocated a surrender theory because ‘China is in a disadvantaged position and should appeal to all to compromise,’ thus confusing, disturbing, and distracting the public. In this regard, we must unequivocally say ‘no.’ We will vigorously carry out the struggle and let the ‘surrender theory’ become a street rat.”

The commentary went on, “[T]hose who advocate the ‘surrender theory’ unconditionally tout the ‘rationality,’ ‘legality,’ and ‘necessity’ of the U.S. government’s trade bullying policy and power-political behavior against China. They put the blame for the Sino-U.S. trade war entirely on China. They allege that China bites the hand that feeds it ‘with no reasonable basis for resisting the U.S. trade bullying.’ It is an action to curry favor with the United States and it is an absurd theory that calls white black and black white.”

The commentary concluded with a warning, “I hereby notify those who worship, are eager to please, and are fearful of the United States that you should not continue to be an accomplice of the U.S. government in bullying; you should not try to use the ‘surrender theory’ to sabotage the Chinese people’s spirit of resistance. If you continue to be obsessed and stubbornly move forward, an abyss of 100,000 feet will be right in front of you.”

Source: Xinhua, June 7, 2019