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Xiong Guangkai: Chinese Military Should Have ‘Grand Security Vision’

China News Agency recently reported that Xiong Guangkai, former General and Army Deputy Chief of the General Staff, commented on China’s security situation. Xiong believes the overall positive security status remains unchanged, but the nation still faces many risks that require the army to remain alert. The “Grand Security Vision” is needed.

Xiong summarized three areas of “traditional risks”: (1) regional wars happen frequently; (2) international military competition intensifies around a core of new age military reforms; (3) nuclear proliferation and control are very much alive. However the Grand Security Vision includes six non-traditional risks: (1) the international financial crisis changes the development model; (2) anti-terrorism needs more attention; (3) information security stands out as a crucial risk; (4) energy safety is becoming a challenge; (5) food supply reliability is increasingly problematic; (6) climate change and public health issues are on the rise.

Source: China News Agency, April 29, 2010