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Mingpao: Hong Kong Lawyers Marched in Black

Mingpao, one of the primary Hong Kong newspapers, recently reported that, on June 7, around 3,000 Hong Kong lawyers marched in silence against the government’s recent plan to amend the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance. The proposed amendments effectively extend the Mainland’s criminal laws to Hong Kong. The Hong Kong legal community, along with the local residents, are deeply concerned about the independent status of Hong Kong’s its legal system. All participants in the march were dressed in black, with no signs, banners or slogans. The group walked from the Court of Final Appeal to the city government headquarters. The protesters were led by seven former chairpersons of the highly respected Hong Kong Bar Association. The number of participants in the march is considered to be the highest since Hong Kong returned to China. Multiple members of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council also joined the march. The Legal community is also worried about the fact that the government criticized the judges expressing their opinions and did not consult them on law amendments. The focal point of these local public opinions is that, in the past, it was the Mainland government trying to bypass the Hong Kong legal system

This time it is the Hong Kong government.

Source: Mingpao, June 7, 2019