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PLA Daily: Stand-alone network warfare is an imminent development trend

On May 6, 2010, PLA Daily published an article saying that stand-alone network warfare is an imminent development trend.

According to the article, “a stand-alone network war may be a limited type of network warfare, which is a war that relies on network warfare weapons as the major combat means or a war in which network operations have a significant impact.” The example given by the article explained that a network war that had achieved the war purpose was Israel attacking Syria on September 6, 2007. In that war, Israeli warplanes successfully attacked Syria’s Russian-made "Doyle-M1" missile defense system by carrying the U.S.-made “Schutte” network attack system.

The article suggests China’s PLA view the emergence of a stand-alone network war as being “imminent” so as to seize the command ascendancy in future wars. 

Source: PLA Daily, May 6, 2010