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Scholar: China to Protest U.S. with Reduced Cooperation

Jin Chanrong, Vice Dean of the School of International Relations of the People’s University of China, told Global Times, “An unusually tough attitude from China will send the U.S. a clear message of the bottom line. The powers of China and the U.S. are close to a balance. Different from the past, it’s no longer viable for the United States to use the old ways to deal with China.” Jin added, “It’s possible that China may reduce cooperation on certain international issues as a protest.”

“The West blames the current gridlock in the Sino-U.S. relationship on China’s over-confidence. However, it’s impossible for China to give in on the Taiwan arms sale and the U.S. President’s meeting with the Dalai Lama, issues that matter for its sovereignty, and core interests. If our leaders were to meet with a U.S. separatist and sell arms to a U.S. state that claims independence, the U.S. would have an even stronger reaction.”

Source: Global Times, February 4, 2010